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Botica de la Sirena, means Mermaid Apothecary in Spanish. I chose to create the name in Spanish to connect with my Mexican culture as well as use the mermaid archetype which I strongly connect with. Crafting products is one of the things that brings me most joy. I am a deep DIY at heart and given any chance to try to make something or fix something myself, I do. 

Since 2013 when I began going deeper into my herbal studies, I enjoyed getting to know the plants through creating different preparations and formulations. 

My vision in crafting this line of products is to create good quality products that awaken love, healing and connection to Mother Earth. My intention  is to connect you with the healing power of plant allies that surround us and guide us on our journey.
I craft all products  in small batches in San Diego, CA and I infuse them with love and healing intentions. All of the products are crafted using organic herbs, the wisdom of the plants and Ayurvedic wisdom of balance of the elements.  I source local and fair-trade products when possible and support vendors who use sustainable environmental practices.