Alchemy, the art of transformation. 

In our lives we continuously undergo change, expand, let go and re-create ourselves. The art of working with the forces of the elements both within and outside of ourselves is a process that at times can be confusing, magical and uncomfortable. The cultivation of self, the dance of the shadow and light, the physical and non-physical and shaping ourselves into the best version that we want to bring forth. This process is not linear, it is a cyclical and requiring us to be flexible.


When we think of wellbeing it is not a mere start to finish goal. It is a dance of interacting within ourselves and others. It asks of us to learn to transition from one version of ourselves to another.  Wellbeing is an act of balance, it is a listening to ourselves and that which wants to express itself. Requiring us to acquire new tools of understanding to cultivate strength to move forward.


It is with joy that I wish to guide you on your journey. Bringing forth the many tools I have pulled on along my journey. Using a variety of tools such as meditation, Ayurveda, energy healing, crystals, oracle cards, plant allies and the fungi world we can find the right tools to help you move forward . 


The work is never finished. Sometimes we need more fire, more water, more earth or more wind. We are the magicians of our reality and keeping our body mind and spirit healthy is our art.