Agua Florida has been traditionally used in Latin culture as a go to for rituals, limpias (energy cleanses), disinfectant and perfume.  It is a traditional mix of floral and herbal essential oils, used in combination to bring cleansing, uplifting energy to your body and space. Use it to invite love, clear your work/home area, bless a new home, relationship harmony and grounding.  You may apply it directly to your body, spray in your space or linens.  Anytime you need uplifting or need to clear some funky energy, set a clear intention and spray away.

Agua Florida: Body and Room Blessing Spray

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  • 2oz Glass Bottle with decorative charm. Please keep in cool place away from direct sunlight to keep the integratity of the product. Place at home near your bed, alter or desk to have handy when needed. 

  • Return only in the case of damaged product on arrival.